6 Things to Consider When Branding

Posted in - Branding on February 15th 2013 1 Comments Helpful steps when branding a company or product.

One of my passions is to help companies with their branding and or corporate identity systems. So, I wrote this article to provide something to think about through the branding process.

Create A Name

  • Creating a name for a company or product can be a challenging endeavor. It is the cornerstone that all else is built upon. Once it is established everything else will have to be aligned accordingly.
  • This is why it is important to plan, but not over-think, the process.
  • A name needs to stand-out, but not be so obscure that customers are confused.
  • It would be a mistake to refuse changing a name when it is wrong. Adjustment and change is a part of business. Don’t cling to something that does not work.


  • During this stage, it is important to brainstorm ideas you have about your company or product.
  • Goals and future plans should be explored, as well.
  • Be careful not to reject ideas too quickly. No matter how outrageous they might seem, that single idea could completely set you apart in a positive way.
  • It  is important to get everything out in this stage. By doing so, you will begin to outline the philosophy and terms of your company/product.


  • It is extremely important to take a detailed look at your company or product and identify its qualities.
  • Consider the following:
    1. Does your it present significance and encourage a specific market?
    2. Is it validated through unique and appropriate products?
    3. Is there sustainability in the products or services offered?
    4. What are the overall strengths and weakness?
  • Be completely honest, because inflation of any of these topics result in failure.

Brand Positioning

  • Brand positioning is the process of creating a company, product, and or service based on planning and analysis.
  • The result should be presented in such a way that it inhabits a unique place in the customer’s mind.
  • The message should also separates you from your competitors.
  • Here are a few questions to conceder:
    1. Is the positioning unique to your competitors?
    2. Is the message appropriate to a wide range of markets?
    3. Will the positioning aid in achieving financial goals?
    4. Does it have the potential to elevate your company?
    5. Is the product or service a clear validation of originality?


  • Now is the time to come up with a brief description (one to two paragraphs) that embodies who and what your company, product, or service is.
  • Be sure to include any distinctive deliveries your company may have.
  • This information will be public knowledge so it should have personality but be concise.
  • When a companies/products identity works well with it’s brand positioning an emotional bond is established with costumers.

Logo Design

  • With the clear foundation set, your company will want a visual representation of everything established in previous steps (i.e. a logo).
  • In order for a logo to be useful it needs to have purpose. This is one reason why templatized logos are a poor choice when deciding on a logo.
  • Creating a logo based solely on a name lacks substance. There needs to be meaning and strategy that makes an effective impact.
  • With a well developed logo you will establish a solid understanding of your company/product, build recognition, and provide an emotional impression that lasts.

Comments and thoughts are welcome, as always.

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