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Stay Creative: Listen

Posted in - Graphic Design & Resources & Stay Creative on April 23rd 2013 3 Comments Stay Creative | Listen

What is more precious than gold? Some would say wisdom, while others love, but in the world of graphic design it is creativity. Like gold, creativity can make us do crazy things. It turns top designers into hacks and elevates novices to authority. It is the stress inducer and joy giver. Granted, it is not …

Great Color Resources

Posted in - Graphic Design & Resources on March 18th 2013 5 Comments A list of sites that deal with color.

Color is incredibly important in any design. If you have studied or know a little about color theory, you know the great psychological and emotional effects color has on viewers. It is an incredibly powerful tool, that when used wisely will wow views and help create an emotional bond with any product, service, or company.

This is …