Things to Consider Before Redesigning a Website

Posted in - Web Design on March 26th 2013 0 Comments Website Redesign

If you foresee a website redesign in your near future, I have a few things to consider before beginning your project. Since a redesign can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor I suggest you approach it with clear goals in mind. In this article we will explore a few key features to consider before taking the plunge. If you have already gone through a website redesign, I recommend reading What to do After a Website Redesign.

First, know the purpose of your website. Ask yourself: Why does it exist? What is it that makes it unique? What are you trying to accomplish? In order for a website to be successful it must be skillfully targeted, intelligently designed, and easy to use. Make sure you are precise about what you want to achieve through your site. And allow that to be your vision in the redesigning process.

Use your existing website to your advantage. Your analytics/metrics system has a wealth of information that should be utilized. Find out what was effective and what needs improvement. Since a redesign is in the near future, this would be the time to focus on improving the deficiencies of your site.

Set goals for your redesign. A website should not only be visually appealing but functional as well. Allow the data you have been poring through help to drive your goals. I encourage you to get more out of your site redesign than an image modernization or improvement on branding.

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