What to do After a Website Redesign

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Your websites is live. What do you do next? While thats a great question, the answer can be slightly different depending on the purpose of your website. The aim of this article is to proved a direction that will lead to the answer for your specific site. If you have not yet gone through a redesign, I encourage you to read Things to Consider Before Redesigning a Website.

First, continue monitoring your analytics/metrics. It is important to progress in testing and optimizing your website. Believe me, there is always adjustments or tests that can be done that will provide an insight into what works best for your costumers. In addition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has trends of it’s own. So, make sure the correct data is in place. Then begin adding experimental information to see if you can pick up on a more lucrative aspect of your target market.

Before pursuing the redesign, you established a vision and goals that became your driving force. Continue using those goals as a standard to evaluate your new website. Are the elements that needed adjusting more effective after the redesign? Has the overall productivity and usability of the new website improved? Even if the improvements a minimal, you can continue modifying specific aspects to achieve a higher yield.

Continue building. Add more content, articles, promotions, etc. Think of your site as a living, breathing entity that needs continued attention and love in order to survive.  Any regular activity will be picked up on by users and search engine crawlers. As a result you will see your SEO ranking increase and costumers returning to your site. Remember, a stagnant website is a dead website. The goal is to create something that will make people want to come back.

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